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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

United with Tory.

Today's article by the Star titled John Tory running out of chances is repulsive. While it has always been believed that one needs the leader of a political party to be sitting in Parliament there is no rule that demands it.

Anyone who knows anything about Ontario history and politics should remember the 1948 election and George Drew. While the Tory part won a majority to govern Queen's Park, Drew himself was defeated in his own riding of High Park over the issue of temperance.

How easily it seams the party has forgotten that it was Harris who left them 10 million dollars in debt. Tory after taking the leadership in September of 2004 worked tirelessly to fundraise in order to get ride of the 10 million dollars of debt. This was accomplished in less then 4 years something that no other political part has been able to do in resent memory. Consider the Federal Liberals.

If the Caucus is not able to focus because Tory is not in the legislature that has little to do with Tory then with the Caucus its self. In second grade it is expected that a room full of children might get unruly if an adult was not present. But that is not an acceptable excuse for a group of adult who make up the PC Caucus.

Last February a leadership review happened and Tory won the mandate to stay on as leader. This is not the time to have an expensive leadership raise.

As the old 60's song goes: "united we stand, divided we fall"


At December 2, 2008 at 6:41 PM , Anonymous John said...

well said!


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