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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Welcome Canada to a new era of Dictatoriship

Due to the resent announcement by Harper that the GG has agreed to allow Parliament to be prorogued, I find it only appropriate to say welcome to the Dominion of Canada, Dictatorship.

I can not believe that the GG agreed to such a thing. It truly is a smack in the face for democracy in Canada.

So what is the next step for the Lib. NDP and Block?

Collectively blitz the air waves with advertisements telling Canadian's that what has happened is a bad thing and what it had done to destroy democracy in Canada. Explain the reason for the need for a coalition and the benefits of one. the Bloc out together a lovely PDF that was sent to all its members about what the coalition had plans to do. Why did the Lib.'s and NDP not do the same in ENGLISH!!!

If the Lib. and NDP do not up out adds to counter the Con.'s add's then it will be their own fault for spending the next 10 years in Opposition.

The new plan of attack is to bring the House down on a vote of Non confidence on January 26th when the thrown speech and/0r budget happens.


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