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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Do you know the day Harper was born?

This Morning I got a package in the mail from the Conservative Party of Canada. The package contained an annual calendar. It appears the Party is truly a one man show; given that every month features a picture of Harper being Prime Ministerial. On the calendar dates of importance included Harper’s birthday. In case you are interested Harper was born April 30th. So make sure to mark your calendar so you do not forget to wish him a Happy Birthday!! For all those who are truly political junkies: do you know when Borden lead the Conservatives to an election victory? I do now that I have the calendar; it was September 21, 1911. Since 1867 every federal Conservative victory is marked on my new calendar.

I might put my calendar up; after all knowing a few facts might be useful at the next Conservative gathering. That is of course if I can stand looking at Harper every month.


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