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Sunday, December 7, 2008

An interesting thing to consider

In the previous post I posted a video by Real News. In the news clip you hear Michael Ignatieff saying that he is completely behind decision to make Dion the leader of the Coalition Government. Yet after the decision by the Governor General last week he was the first one to brake ranks. Even worse he continues to do it. Clarey he hasn't been in politics long enough to learn divide and concur 101. So I will take this opportunity to give him a crash course in it.

Lesson 1) Any cracks in the solidarity of the Liberal Party the Conservatives will take full advantage of; as a way to legitimatize their claim that the Coalition is undemocratic.

Lesson 2) Any Liberal seen as aiding the Conservatives to discredit their leader no matter how much his is disliked or liked will suffer nasty backlash. Further the liberal will go down in history as only looking out for himself; with little regard for what is in the best interest of the party.

Douglas Bell of the Globe and mail posted this:

Weasel dialectics

Douglas Bell, December 6, 2008 at 3:59 PM EST

Among the esteemed bloggers on this site I make no bones about my status as a decidedly junior partner.

I'm really only good for two things: the occasional blinding glimpse of the obvious and/or a couple of (provisional) laughs.

I have only cursory access to insiders and as to interpreting poll numbers, whether it be Ekos, Nanos or Ipsos, I tend to dizziness and occasional nausea.

That said, in the face of probity, reason and objectivity I want it known that Michael Ignatieff, for all his talent, brains, and accomplishments (no sneer quotes), is getting on my nerves. His cautious and constant parsing of his “support” for the coalition is an exercise in weasel dialectics.

“I want to make it clear that this caucus is as one in maintaining the credibility of that dissuasive instrument”: Isn't exactly “we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets.”

Arguments will rage for generations as to whether the Liberals were right to enter into a partnership with the NDP. But, history will also note that in that moment, one candidate for the leadership of the Liberal Party spoke up with brio and conviction and one, er, didn't.

What Mr. Bell says is 100% true. What message is Ignatieff trying to send to Canadians and liberals voting in May. Because as it stands the message I am getting is: in May at the leadership convention any vote cast against Ignatieff is a vote cast in favour of the continued survival of the Liberal party and its relevance in Canadian politics.

If I were a delicate at the May convention at this stage in the game I would NOT be casting my ballot for Ignatieff.

Things worth viewing

Well I swore that I would self impose a black out until the 12th on myself. As I have exams all week. But I couldn't pass up the opportunity to post a few things I came across this morning.

The first one is for anyone who has spend the last 7 days living under a rock! The other 2 speak for themselves

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Welcome Canada to a new era of Dictatoriship

Due to the resent announcement by Harper that the GG has agreed to allow Parliament to be prorogued, I find it only appropriate to say welcome to the Dominion of Canada, Dictatorship.

I can not believe that the GG agreed to such a thing. It truly is a smack in the face for democracy in Canada.

So what is the next step for the Lib. NDP and Block?

Collectively blitz the air waves with advertisements telling Canadian's that what has happened is a bad thing and what it had done to destroy democracy in Canada. Explain the reason for the need for a coalition and the benefits of one. the Bloc out together a lovely PDF that was sent to all its members about what the coalition had plans to do. Why did the Lib.'s and NDP not do the same in ENGLISH!!!

If the Lib. and NDP do not up out adds to counter the Con.'s add's then it will be their own fault for spending the next 10 years in Opposition.

The new plan of attack is to bring the House down on a vote of Non confidence on January 26th when the thrown speech and/0r budget happens.

The GG should say no!

I love constitutional challenges. I love reading about them and writing about them. For the BNA Act that we have interpreted is different from its original writing. What is currently going on in Ottawa is no at constitutional challenge it is a hostile takeover!

What should the Governour General do? She has the power in her hands to take our take the parliamentary system that runs our fine country to another level. A power that should not be taken likely. As well when she makes her choice she will set a president that will effect then way that every country with the same system as ours runs.

What should she do? Tell him no and to face the House and the people. No mater what he wants he is not a dictator and he should not be given the right to govern as if he was.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

United with Tory.

Today's article by the Star titled John Tory running out of chances is repulsive. While it has always been believed that one needs the leader of a political party to be sitting in Parliament there is no rule that demands it.

Anyone who knows anything about Ontario history and politics should remember the 1948 election and George Drew. While the Tory part won a majority to govern Queen's Park, Drew himself was defeated in his own riding of High Park over the issue of temperance.

How easily it seams the party has forgotten that it was Harris who left them 10 million dollars in debt. Tory after taking the leadership in September of 2004 worked tirelessly to fundraise in order to get ride of the 10 million dollars of debt. This was accomplished in less then 4 years something that no other political part has been able to do in resent memory. Consider the Federal Liberals.

If the Caucus is not able to focus because Tory is not in the legislature that has little to do with Tory then with the Caucus its self. In second grade it is expected that a room full of children might get unruly if an adult was not present. But that is not an acceptable excuse for a group of adult who make up the PC Caucus.

Last February a leadership review happened and Tory won the mandate to stay on as leader. This is not the time to have an expensive leadership raise.

As the old 60's song goes: "united we stand, divided we fall"