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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2 stooges try to recruit a 3th

Today The Toronto Star reported that once again Ontario and Quebec were commissioning a study to took at the possabity of creating a rail link; which would go along the Ontario and Quebec border.The cost? $3 million! While the cost alone is an outragus miss use of funds in such a tight economic time. It might be justifiable if this was maybe the first time the issue had been studied. Maybe if it was the second or third time given it was first studied in 1973.

But oh no this is the 16th time since 1973 that money has been spent to study the possibility of a rapid-transit line between Windsor and Quebec City.

Both Premiers from Ontario and Quebec think its a wonderful idea and are now complaining that Ottawa should get on bored. One would like to knock the two Premier's heads together. Maybe it would knock some sense in to both of them. The more you study the less action is taken. If you want the Fed's to step up to the plate; show that you are taking the first steps to making the investment worth the time and money of the Federal Government. Stop commissioning reports and start acquiring the land to develop the rail line. For once I have to agree with Ontario NDP Leader Howard Hampton.

"They're going to study it again? You don't need to study it again. The biggest issue is purchasing all of the land and purchasing some of the rail bed that belongs to CN or CP that you need to make this run," said Hampton.
"Everybody wants to study it because they think it will give them a good headline. We're long past the study stage. Where's the money to start doing it?" Hampton continued.

And if the two Premiers are not willing to step up to the plate and start the process by purchasing the land then the $ 3 million can be better spend on other things. Spend the money on fixing gridlock in the GTA, let's get on with all the projects like the extension of (Highway) 404, the 427, the 410 and the Bradford Bypass. I agree with Progressive Conservative MPP Frank Klees' position as well.

What a waste of 3 million dollars for a report that will only collect dust beside the other 16 reports, after it has been released.


At March 1, 2009 at 4:15 PM , Blogger Oemissions said...

Hear! Hear! And thank you.


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